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Computerized Tube System for the UH Campus

In 1999 our performance improvement efforts identified the need to automate specimen transport at MCL. We proposed a modernization of the existing tube system at the UH campus and developed the proposal which was implemented in July of 2002.

Used properly, the system can be a powerful tool to improve patient care by improving laboratory turn-around-time and the productivity of nurses, pharmacists and other hospital professionals.  Used improperly, we can experience spills that will require system shutdowns that can take hours to resolve.

This web resource will guide you through the important operating rules and procedures.

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Who can use the system
What can't be sent
What can be sent
Frequently asked questions

Packaging Materials for Transport
Blood & Fluids                     

Blood Bank Products
Pharmacy items
Other items

When something goes wrong
Broken carriers
Documenting incidents