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CTS Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

  1. How do I get the approved urine collection system ?
  2. What about urines for Toxicology screen ?
  3. What about stools and blood cultures--can they be sent in the tube system?
  4. Where can I get the hospital approved disinfectant?
  5. What if there is a leak within the carrier ?
  6. What if the leak is outside the carrier?
  7. What if the carrier breaks?

How do I get the approved "snap cap- tube" urine collection system ?

The snap cap tube has a history of leak-proof performance. Order it from Materials Management. Here is the link to the ordering information

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What about urines for Toxicology screens ?

Urine toxicology screen can be performed on a full urine snap top tube.

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Can stools and blood cultures be sent?

Yes. Just make sure that the container is properly closed and that the specimen is double bagged (first in a ziplock and ten in Zip N Fold. The Zip N Fold bag is very important for two reasons: biohazard safety and immobilization. If the product moves around within the carrier it is subject to break. The Zip N Fold encased the sample in a cushioned environment.  For the full packaging tutorial go here.

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Where can I get the hospital approved germicidal disinfectant?

Every housekeeper has a disinfectant on the carts.

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For leaks within the carrier?

System shut down is not necessary  but contaminated items must be cleaned and disinfected.

See the full tutorial here


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For leaks outside the carrier?

You need to immediately do a full shut down and system decontamination.Go here for the tutorial.

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What if a carrier breaks?

Don't discard a broken carrier. They are very expensive and the parts are easily replaced. Building Services has spare parts and can make the repairs. If you notice any deterioration of the "O" ring, latches or the felt glides, take the unit out of service and bring to Building Services for repair.

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Revised: June 09, 2003.