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Autoclave checks

sterilizer biological indicator

BBP Spill Cleanup



Code brown, internal Code yellow, external  Anthrax, radiation

Chemical Spills

Absorbent, acids, bases Cleanup, formalin, resipratorsFormaldehyde

Chemical Storage

Spills   carcinogens  Acids, bases, caustics Carriers, flammable

Collecting specimens  

Special Coagulation Topics

Phlebotomy, venipuncture Labeling, patient, preping  identification


Trending, reporting Incident reports  problems

Core specimen receiving and order/entry

Labeling, checking Rejection, oer, sunquest  barcodes

DI water qualities

Type, deionizer  Resistance, purity

Electrical checks

Outlets Polarity, instrument grounds checks


Ergonomic opportunities in the departmentepetative injuries

Incident Reporting


Latex allergy

Allergic Rash nitrile

Liquid Nitrogen


Method specification


Performance improvement

Quality improvement Takin Care of Mama


Form download Order request outpatient

 Sharps injury protocol

 Prophylaxis, HIV Needlestick, Hepatitis  Blood borne pathogens

 Sharps strategy

 Glass, microhematocrit  Butterfly needles Safety

 Shipping and transporting specimens on campus

 Couriers, transportation Double containment Coolers, packing

 Shipping specimens from outside sources

 Packaging Coolers, packing double containment

Solid waste stream

Garbage biohazard

Solvent wastes

alcohol xylene hazardous