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Employee blood or body fluid exposures, Act Fast!!!   

You have one-two hours for the optimum completion of this procedure.

1. Notify your supervisor/charge person of the area where occurred.

·         Obtain help to complete process.

2. Two forms must be completed:

·         Source Patient Testing Form

·         Online RISKplus/W form for the employee (contract worker or student).

3. Obtain two purple top tubes drawn on the source patient. Ask the nurse or get phlebotomy to help.

4. Have someone hand-deliver* the source lab form and tubes to the technologist in the Immunohematology Reference Lab located in the Bloodbank.

·         Blood Bank- ILH- 1st Floor ( 903-4161)

·        Source HIV testing will be performed and preliminary results will be available within the two hour window if submitted promptly.

5. Report in person:

·         First, report to Nursing Services Office (University Hospital Room W535 – open 24/7) to retrieve “HCW Exposure Packet” and sign the log.

Do not open packet.

·         Next, report to the Emergency Room for medical evaluation and post exposure prophylaxis (if indicated)

 “HCW Exposure Packet” is given to personnel in Urgent Care or ER.

6. Call Employee Health (ILH Room W555, 903-3671)

·        ASAP after visit to make a follow-up appointment.

* Do not just leave the samples for a pickup!

Note: HIV infection may go undetected if the patient is on highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). If you think that the source patient may be taking these drugs, please alert the doctor at the time you are counseled.

Updated 10/15/2013

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