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Where do I get the right forms?:

Source patient testing form (for lab)





Getting the blood drawn

Nurses can collect the specimen per the STAT collection procedure or you can contact phlebotomy. But make sure that you talk to someone and that the blood actually gets collected in a timely manner. Remember that your optimum window is short.



At University Hospital:

Phlebotomy is staffed from 0500 2000 and can be reached at 2-3946.

Use of the message system is not recommended, since the message printer is not manned 24 / 7.

At all outpatient sites:

Get the professionals or phlebotomists on-site to collect the samples.





Where to go for medical evaluation?

This depends on the time of day and day of week.

As soon as possible

Report to the Urgent Care Clinic on 5th floor of UMOB for medical evaluation immediately after completing your paperwork and arranging for the source patient testing.

As soon as possible or

Next working day

Report to the Employee Health (University Hospital Room W555 - 903-3671) after Urgent Care visit with Riskweb report. After hours, report next working day.





What lab tests are going to be performed?

The source patient (the patient that you were exposed to) will be tested with a rapid HIV test and then with confirmatory testing for HIV (if necessary) and other hepatitis pathogens.



Where do we bring the lab requests and blood to be tested?

Bring both the paperwork and tubes to the Blood Bank on your campus. Give the samples and paperwork to the receiving technologist or charge technologist and make sure that you put the samples in someone's hand. Don't just leave the samples for pick-up. You want to get this right so that the tests are completed properly and on-time.

Lab Locations:


Core Lab:

Fourth Floor University Hospital

Blood Bank:

First Floor University Hospital






Important Phone Numbers:

Employee Health Clinic:


Blood Bank :


Laboratory ( Core Lab):

903-3946 / 3948







How soon do I need to report my exposure?

Report this immediately and act fast to complete all steps. If possible, call the Employee Health Clinic first.



What if I'm already two hours post exposure?

Perform the procedure and report in-person anyway. The two hour window is a goal not an absolute standard.




Who can help me?

Your supervisor, the charge nurse on the unit, the nurses in the Emergency Room (or Employee Health), and the receiving technologist in the lab can all help you and advise you. Talk to any of those people and ask for help.



Am I going to be tested?

The physician will advise you as to your course of testing.






What about getting the patient's consent?

Do not even ask. This is not necessary. Under state law the blood can be drawn in cases of employee exposure without the consent. However getting a rapid HIV test on a patient for any other reason does require a written consent.




Is this procedure only for MCL employees?


We will treat anyone who is exposed to any of our patients.

This includes visitors, students, contract workers, etc.