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ILH Laboratory specimen collection and test information
Screw cap jar and C&S Vial
Stool Culture with Shiga Toxin
10-20 gram or cc
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Lab section Microbiology    
When performed 24 hours / 7 days (daily)    
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Patient specimen collection instructions
Important notes: Pass stool directly into a clean, dry container. Stools are routinely screened for Samonella, Shigella, Vibrio, Campylobacter , E. Coli 0157 (EHEC) Aeromonas Culture. NOTE: For VRE only, order VRE SCREEN. No more than 2 separate stool specimens on separate days will be accepted without consult. Not accepted on hospitalized patients in house more than 3 days without consultation, test for C. difficile should be considered for these patients. AFB culture is not performed on stool.
Rejection criteria: Swab or dry stool on stick, unlabeled or mislabeled specimen, leaking container; more than 2 without consult; patient hospitalized more than 3 days.
Transportation notes: within 2hr RT, 2 to 24 hr 4C Submit stool in sterile screw cap jar and CNS Vial.
Specimen preparation: All specimens for Microbiology must be submitted ASAP to maximize bacterial recovery.

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