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ILH Laboratory specimen collection and test information
Influenza PCR
Alternative name(s) “FLU” “SWINE” “H1N1”

Lab section Microbiology    
When performed 24 / 7 (Sun-Sat)    
When reported
LIS code:
EPIC Code:
Important notes: A. Flu PCR is only performed on patients admitted with flu-like symptoms. B. Call Microbiology to request a kit for submitting specimens. 1. Upper Respiratory: a. NP swab, nasal swab, nasal aspirate, nasal wash and dual nasopharyngeal/throat swab b. Swab must be immediately inoculated into red-capped tube with pink liquid (M4RT Transport) c. OK to swab right and left nasal and place in one tube. 2. Lower Respiratory: a. BAL, bronchial wash, tracheal aspirate, sputum and lung tissue. b. Submit in sterile jar. 3. Complete Lab Requeat Form included in kit and tube to lab (Station 140 and 141 ) immediately

Rejection criteria: Incomplete lab form (in transport kit) Swab NOT in M4RT
Transportation notes: Within 1 hour, Room Temperature
Transportation devices:
Specimen preparation: Swab in M4RT, Respiratory specimen in Sterile contanier

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