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ILH Laboratory specimen collection and test information
Pearl (EDTA)
HIV Genotype
5 mL.
Alternative name(s)

Lab section Molecular Pathology    
When performed Call lab    
When reported
Monday-Friday 0730h-1500h    
LIS code:
EPIC Code:
Important notes: Specimens are not accepted on inpatients unless approved by lab director.Test done on outpatient basis through infectious disease clinic for determining resistance to ARV drugs. Purple top specimen MUST be received in lab within 4 hours of draw.Call lab for special instructions before drawing blood, if patient is not from infectious disease clinic.Remote sites must use pearl top tubes for transport via courier to MCL. Two full purple tops accepted.

Rejection criteria: Purple top not accepted after 4 hours of being drawn.
Transportation notes: Pearl top, refrigerated
Transportation devices:
Specimen preparation: Specimen cannot be over 4 hours old, note time on Specimen Save form. If PEARL TOP received: Spin for 20 min at 3000RPMs, after spinning place pearl top in refrigerator save bucket. If PURPLE TOP received: spin for 20 min at 3000RPMs, remove plasma and place in refrigerator save bucket. Pearl top stable after centrifugation for 5 days at refrigerated temperature.

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