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cobas PCR Sample Packet
Chlamydia GC Screen by DNA
Alternative name(s) Screening Assay for CT(Chlamydia) and GC( Neisseria gonorrhoeae)

Lab section Molecular Pathology    
When performed 24 hours / 7 days    
When reported
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Important notes: Performed on Endocervical swabs (Female) and on urine (Male and Female) in Urine Preservative Transport Tubes. Not available on rectal, anal or conjunctival specimens. Female Collection: White swab used only to clean mucus from cervix then discard. Collect specimen with other white swab and insert in sample tube for analysis. Urine Collection: Random urine (not clean catch) use enclosed pipet to add urine to Urine Preservative Tube not below lower fill line and not above upper fill line or submit random urine to lab.
Rejection criteria: Swabs without transport fluid
Transportation notes: DO NOT pour out transport fluid - submit wet swab, in vial, with fluid
Specimen preparation: Proper volume should be in Urine Preservative Tube

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