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ILH Laboratory specimen collection and test information
24 hour urine
Catecholamines urine
10 mL.
Alternative name(s) Dopamine 24-Hour Urine Epinephrine 24-Hour Urine Fractionation Urinary Free Catecholamines Free Catecholamine Fractionation Norepinephrine 24-Hour Urine

Lab section Send Outs    
When performed Monday-Friday 0630h-1430h    
When reported
0630h-1430h Monday-Friday    
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Important notes: Brown urine container with 30 mL 6N HCl preservative. CAUTION:: Strong acid. May cause skin burns. Submit 30 mL. aliquot of 24 hour collection. Refrigerate during collection. Record total volume.
Rejection criteria: Requires consult. Submit consult form with patient history, physician name and beeper number.
Transportation notes:
Specimen preparation: Contact lab 903-3934 for urine container with preservative.

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