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ILH Laboratory specimen collection and test information


ESwab or Sterile Jar


AFB Culture Concentration and Smear

5-10 mL.


Alternative name(s)

Acid Fast, TB


Lab section




When performed

24 Hours / 7 days (Sun-Fri)



When reported

Sunday - Friday






LIS code:


EPIC Code:




Important notes:

Respiratory specimens must be collected at least 8 hours apart, at least one early AM. Gastrics must be received within 3 hours of collection, patient must be fasting - Tissue submitted in sterile jar and Fluid in green tube or sterile jar.

Rejection criteria:

Less than 5ml of respiratory specimen. ESwabs are acceptable, no other swab system is acceptable, Unlabeled or mislabeled specimen.

Transportation notes:

Within 2 hr, RT; 2-24 hr, 4C

Transportation devices:

Specimen preparation:

Minimum amount repiratory specimen: bacteria greater than 1 ml, AFB 5 ml, Fungal greater than 1ml, PCP greater than 1ml




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