Index to Hemostasis Testing Topics

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Blue top fill requirements




Overfilled or underfilled tubes




Analytical measurement range




AMR: Factor VIII




AMR Factor VIII #2




AMR Factor VIII #3




Citrate anticoagulant: 3.2% sodium citrate




Drawing from a heparinized line




Drawing a waste tube for hemostasis




High hematocrits hemostasis and coagulation




Correcting for high hematocrits




Dealing with high hematocrits example




Formula to correct for high hematocrits




Hemostasis testing: checking for clots




hemostasis testing: lipemia and hemolysis




Hemostasis: saving coagulation specimens




Hemostasis testing: Dealing with heparin contamination








APTT: Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time




Quantitative D-dimer




Monitoring low molecular weight heparin




Factor V Leiden




Monitoring heparin with the aPTT




Monitoring Warfarin with the INR




Prothrombin time: PT




Direct thrombin inhibitors




Platelet Function, Qualitative (PFA-100)