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Critical Value Reporting:

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Values are only reported to a licensed caregiver.

1. Use this procedure when values are successfully notified to Licensed Care Provider:

·         After confirmed result is available from analyzer, release result and initiate call to patient’s location

·         Identify yourself and determine if the recipient is a licensed caregiver, obtain credentials. 

·         Give critical value(s) to Licensed Care Provider (LCP), confirm patient ID with 2 patient identifiers (name and medical record)

·         Ask caregiver to "read back" the two patient identifiers (name and medical record number) plus the critical value(s).

·         Append the notification comments in the computer record using free text or coded comment. Include the caregiver's name, credentials, time call initiated and time reported. This is official documentation that the result was called.


2. If values cannot be notified within fifteen minutes of availability refer to Critical Value Notification Procedure for specific information.

Please remember to verify results before following these procedures!

Note: Administrative Support personnel will review notification documentation.

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