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Rapid Strep. A testing

Quick one minute tutorial


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Last Revised 06/23/08



The rapid Strep A test is approved for use by physicians and nurse practioners in the Community Clinics. By policy, all negative results are to be followed by a throat culture but action may be taken on positive results.

The Sure-Vue Strep A test is a two stage test with a one minute extraction period and a five minute test interval. Before you perform the test, review the tutorials (on the left) and follow the written procedure (on the right). Positive and negative quality control materials must be performed on opening a new kit or when a new operator performs the test for the first time.
The MCL waived test oversight procedure expects 100% compliance with   protocols and conducts audits to ensure compliance. Waived testing permissions can and will be revoked.


Rapid Strep. A. Quick procedure



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