Glucose Testing with the Accu-Chek® Inform II

MCL Quick Procedure for Daily Reference

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This is a abbreviated version of the complete procedure which is described in full detail in the Glucose Testing with the Accu-chek Inform II Procedure in the Clinical Nursing Practice Manual. This does not supersede the full procedure but is intended to be a practical day-to-day quick reference.


Critical Values—Testing limits and actions:

If QC results are within range, take appropriate clinical action notify M.D and draw stat blood for lab confirmation

If QC results are out of range, refer to QC section in procedure manual

Quality control:


Every 24 hrs. at QC Lockout as determined by your unit.

.If any system component has been dropped

Each time a new vial of test strips is opened.

When test results contradict clinical symptoms

When a vial of strips has been left opened.

When any QC result falls outside the acceptable control range

When the test strips have been exposed to extreme heat, humidity or cold