Microbes versus blood cells

the microscopic wars

A LabPartners project

kim_scope5a.jpg (20365 bytes)  
Gram negative bacillus

pmn.jpg (7640 bytes)
Segmented neutrophil

  What do you think happens when your blood cells meet up with disease-causing bacteria? Are the bacteria destroyed ? Will the cells fight the bacteria? Will the bacteria win out or will they peacefully co-exist? In this experiment we will put our observation powers to the test as we answer these and other questions.

  This exercise will probably take two hours or two class periods to complete. First you will learn how to evaluate a blood film, then you will learn something about microbial isolation and identification. And finally we will see how the blood cells perform in a head to head contest.

There are a lot more resources on this site. You can build a low cost digital microscope, download blood cell and microbiology images and get some great science project ideas.

2004 Medical Center of Louisiana and
LSUHSC Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences

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