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A resource for teachers and students provided by
the Medical Center of Louisiana

a TCM project produced in cooperation with the Department of  Clinical  Laboratory Science, Louisiana State
University Health Sciences Center

Community Link- three ideas for linking and partnering with a local laboratory

1.jpg (7643 bytes) Contact your local hospital lab and ask them to save you some interesting stained blood films. The stained films are harmless.
You can ask for a live demonstration for your class. The laboratory might send a representative with a good-quality microscope. Looking through a poor-quality scope might even discourage kids from considering a science career.
Blood_2.jpg (8226 bytes) Your local Blood Bank or Blood Center will gladly send a donor recruiter to speak to your class about transfusion medicine and Blood Bank. This is especially true if the teachers and administrators will participate in a blood donor drive.
0.jpg (8363 bytes) Every hospital lab has a microbiology department that can advise you on experiments and demonstrations on culturing and identifying microorganism. They also have stained microscope slides and will probably donate the culture materials if you want to set up a class project.
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