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Project ideas: Can a mother's blood type affect her baby?
Some babies are jaundiced (look yellow) shortly after birth. Find out how blood types might be involved and present the findings to your class. wpe7.jpg (7751 bytes) wpe8.jpg (8272 bytes)
Can you determine your blood type, if you know your parents' blood types?
Blood types are inherited. Prepare a poster to show the different inheritance patterns that are possible. wpe2.jpg (10311 bytes) wpe3.jpg (8226 bytes)
Can red blood cells be used to correct a blood clotting problem?
Several blood components can be prepared from a single blood donation. Research how the components are made and how they are used to treat patients. Then present your findings in a poster or presentation. wpe5.jpg (12458 bytes) wpe6.jpg (8581 bytes)