Professional Development, Practice Excellence and Clinical Affiliations:
By fostering ILH's Mission Statement and Core Values, the Professional Development, Practice Excellence and Clinical Affiliations Department's initiatives are aimed at expanding and improving the knowledge and skills bases of all employees, fostering excellence in clinical practice, and building bridges to student care providers in order to ensure the delivery of the highest quality services to our community.

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Practice Excellence

Name Title eMailPhone Room
Julie Ahrend RN Instructor 903-5145 E821
Christopher Bland EHR Credentialed Trainer, Inpatient CPOE 903-3448 W448
Linda Branford Administrative Coordinator (504) 903-0702 E849
Cindy Burlette RN Instructor (504) 903-1832 E853
Louis Cian EHR Credentialed Trainer, Prelude, Cadence, Optime, Anesthesia 903-3453 W447
Selina Carter EHR Crendentialed Trainer, Cadence 903-3446 W446
Shaquila DuBois EHR Credentialed Trainer, ASAP 903-3449 W448
Donna Earles Clinical Nurse Specialist, Pain Mgmt (504) 903-4567 E831
Barbara Eilers Clinical Affiliations Coordinator (504) 903-1862 E823
Tabatha Foret EHR Credentialed Trainer, Ambulatory 903-6437 W447
Andrew Mahoney RN Instructor Supervisor 903-1864 E820
Jennifer Mitchel EHR Credentialed Trainer Supervisor, OPTIME 903-3884 E826
Darlene Percy EHR Credentialed Trainer, InPatient Clin Doc 903-3886 W446