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The LSU Interim Hospital Trauma Center participates in research and scholarly activities. As a Level I Trauma Center it is essential to perform research activities to advance knowledge and optimize the care of the trauma patient. LSU School of Medicine and Tulane School of Medicine have a core of experienced trauma surgeons and an academic infrastructure that enables one to produce effective research and scholarly activities. The American College of Surgeons concept of scholarship entails the following 8 elements:

1. Discovery
2. Leadership in major trauma –related organizations
3. Funding
4. Dissemination of information
5. Application of clinical knowledge
6. Participation in clinical discussions and conferences
7. Support of resident participation in scholarly activities
8. Mentorship of junior faculty, resident, and fellows

“Research is important to advance the field of trauma care, train the future generation of trauma surgeons, and improve the care that is provided today. The Level I trauma center serves as the role model of this endeavour with the trauma community. Research is an opportunity and an obligation.”

American College of Surgeons
Resources for Optimal Care of the Injured Patient 2006

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